Surveillance Systems

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The surveillance system is a network of cameras and sensors that are used to detect, monitor, and record activities in a specific area. The primary purpose of a surveillance system is to enhance security and provide valuable information for investigation and monitoring activities.

The defense surveillance system refers to a specific network of technologies used for military to gather intelligence and maintain situational awareness. These systems are designed to provide real-time information about potential threats, secure borders, monitor military activities, and support tactical and strategic decision-making.


Here are some features commonly used in storage devices for defense surveillance systems:

  1. High Reliability: Reliability is one important feature for the storage devices for defense surveillance systems. Any data failure or corruption would result in losing valuable information in a specific area. The SSD or memory devices are built to provide reliability to avoid the risk of data loss.
  2. High Capacity: The memory devices used for long-term storage in defense surveillance systems need to offer large data and images. Thus, these storages are typically designed to store larger recorded video feeds, imagery, and data.
  3. Consistent Speed Rate: The surveillance system would collect data and monitor activities every day. The speed rate of recording data needs to be extremely more consistent and stable to prevent data loss or corruption. Data integration and integration are the crucial features for the storage devices for defense surveillance systems.
  4. Security Feature: Security features such as encryption and AES to ensure the safety of the information are added to the memory devices. It is to protect sensitive data in military applications.

UDinfo is providing high-performance SDXC for defense surveillance systems. The largest capacity of SDXC can go up to 1TB with U3 class 10 speed rate; it will help defense surveillance system to generate large data and images.


The SDXC cards with high speed U3 or V30 are designed for recording high-definition video and ensuring smooth data transfer. These speeds guarantee a sustained write speed for surveillance systems. Additionally, UDinfo can still support MLC and SLC SD card solutions for longevity of life cycles up to 10 years. These legacy NAND solutions can provide higher reliability and endurance. The memory devices would also require better GC garbage collection to avoid data corruption in long-term video recording. The customized FW to optimize the performance of writing speed is also crucial for the surveillance system.

Besides, the security feature AES can be included to the SD card as optional function. This is one important feature to enhance the security of the memory device to protect confidential data in military recording application.

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