Physical Destroy

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Physical Destroy is to use high power voltage to destroy flash NAND cells, IC, and firmware completely in second-level of time. It will make the device and data thoroughly unrecoverable. For many military applications, data security is a top priority for military customers. To destroy NAND devices completely is essential, especially on devices that record sensitive information, such as those used in defense applications.


The capability to destroy storage devices is a critical element to protecting classified information such as data and software programs from falling into enemy hands. Physical Destroy is a feature that can be used with UDinfo’s solid state drives and SD cards. This function would require extra high voltages from the host; therefore, it can enable the destroy feature using standard pin assignment from the connector. When the external voltage exceeds the tolerance of the NAND device, it is subsequently destructed.


The SSD includes several Flash ICs laid out in the storage. The high voltage from the assignment connector would pass through each IC and burn out all of them thoroughly. This mechanism is a security protection feature, especially for military critical applications. Confidential data and devices will be destroyed logically; all the internal components will be physically destroyed, which can make the data recovery impossible. The device becomes permanently unrecoverable.

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