Warranty policy

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UDinfo Corporation warrants all products are free from defects in materials under normal usage. The company will provide product repair and replacement service within the warranty period according to this agreement.


Warranty Period

pSLC & SLC Flash Products   -  5 years

MLC & 3D TLC products (SSD module, IDE module, micro-SD, eMMC)   -   3 years

Accessory (adapter and power cable)   -   1 year

ODM & OEM products    -  By project agreement

DRAM   -   life time


The limited warranty does not cover any damage to any product that results from following condition: 

  • Improper installation, accidents, or negligence.
  • Abuse, misuse or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification.
  • Unusual physical stress or interference, failure of electrical power, lightening, and static electricity. 
  • Carrying an incorrect, damaged, or unclear product serial number.
  • Purchased from an unauthorized reseller/retailer.


Warranty Claim Requirements

  • Proof of date and place purchased.
  • Products with original serial # from UDinfo’s factory
  • Undamaged outward appearance.


(RMA) Request Procedure:

  • Complete RMA Form with a description of the problem(s)
  • Return completed RMA Form along with the original purchase invoice number.
  • All returning product(s) must match its original invoice description.
  • Contact UDinfo’s sales team or UDinfo’s distributors to apply for the RMA number.
  • Return defective product(s) with RMA number to UDinfo Corporation.
  • This RMA process is for replacement/repair of defective memory products only.
  • The RMA number is valid from the date of issue, and not to exceed beyond the warranty period.
  • Write RMA number on the outside of the shipping box (on the address line).



UDinfo Corporation is NOT responsible for damage to or loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media. It is highly recommended to save any programs, data, or removable storage media before returning for RMA repair. The RMA return policy is based on stock availabilities.

Due to the ongoing technology, in case of the discontinuity of any product, UDinfo Corporation is unable to repair EOL product, replacement of upgraded product. When the upper limit of the Program/Erase cycle of its NAND Flash IC components has been exceeded, certain flash storages are not covered by this warranty.

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